Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 77

The exhaustion is starting to creep up on me. The past couple days have been hard to go out and give, but I've made it to each opportunity, and I've felt energetic once there. The same thing happened today, but once I got to SafeHouse the energy and enthusiasm was back!

I had some interesting conversations at SafeHouse today. I started off with my friend who talks to me about spirituality and religion. He had some more views to share with me, specifically about using my "spiritual eyes". Of course he had some more moral stories for me. He'd be a good teacher - he's eloquent, great at explaining, and extremely patient!

I had several other conversations this evening as well. The recurrent themes in these conversations: hurt, anger, and resentment. In some of these I asked what it would take to move past those feelings - some said they couldn't move past it, others said they probably could move past those feelings but didn't know how. It's hard listening to some of the conversations because there's isn't much I can do to help the person besides empathize with them, and other times (depending on the person) I can ask questions to gain more insight or to challenge a thought. Either way, I'm grateful that they are comfortable talking with me and I really hope that they can find some comfort from talking about their feelings. 

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