Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89

I spent some time at the Salvation Army's Soup Kitchen in Augusta this evening. Today we served barbecue chicken, beans, potatoes with gravy, and cornbread. Like last time, people staying at the shelter ate first. The doors were then opened up for people who weren't staying there. We served the same meal till we ran out, and then changed to chicken stew and cornbread. I saw a couple of familiar faces from last time, was remembered by some, and then met a bunch of new people! Of course, this makes me miss my friends at SafeHouse!

The full-time chef/kitchen coordinator was there today. He told me a little bit about the shelter and the different programs they have. It's primarily an alcohol and drug program, but there is also a program to help people learn work skills and find a job. People in those programs stay at the shelter for 9 or 6 months respectively. For people not staying at the shelter - they can come have a free meal for a certain number of days a month, after which they have to pay $5 for a meal.

It was a good experience again and I am looking forward to going back tomorrow evening!

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