Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 63

By the time Chandni was done with her day in Augusta, I was done with mine in Atlanta... It was 6ish! Going to SafeHouse (Chandni's FAVORITE place) wasn't an option considering that she had to drive all the way back to Atlanta.  So of course, after a few texts back and forth, we resorted to

Since she was picking me up, I made it my business to gather up as much rice until she came to me!

About 4,120 grains later. finding out that "homburg" was a mans hat, "hemidemisemiquaver" was the 64th note, "chutzpah" meant audacity, "antitussive" stood for cough relief (I figured it had to be with the amount of Robitussin, in my house)... and "supernumerary" meant EXTRA... I figured I was good for the night.

Which then made me think of how much rice we eat at any given time.  Now I know ten grains of rice, or even a hundred wouldn't be satisfying enough. But would a 1,000? How about 4,120???

I'm going to check! Of course, I would.  We need to know!

Happy volunteering people! Remember to give back in any way that you can, there's several opportunities for you to do so conveniently!

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