Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68

I didn't think it would be a social night at SafeHouse today because of all the rain, but it stopped in time and for the whole evening! I started off hanging out with one of the guys on the lot (this is the guy who thought he wasn't allowed to talk to the volunteers). We had about an hour long conversation while watching a couple of other guys play basketball. We talked about a variety of things including family, finding jobs, past work experiences, shelters, people being fake, sports, and volunteering. He surprised me with this last bit - he volunteers at a soup kitchen during the day. Later on I spoke to another gentleman who volunteers at the food bank. I think it is amazing and inspiring that these guys are giving back to their community. Both guys talked about giving back in order to get something, and for both, that something is to start changing their lives. Personally, they really motivated me to keep giving back!

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