Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 78

Jiten and I participated in the TB Walk this morning. It was quite an adventure getting there with I75 closed, having to drive the wrong way on the highway and on ramp, and then battling traffic (on a Saturday morning at 8am!!), but we finally made it.

Every year the NTBCA, the Atlanta chapter of RESULTS, and local health departments come together to host the Tuberculosis Awareness walk.

1. About 1 in 10 persons infected with TB bacilli will become sick with active TB in their lifetime.
2. Out of large cities in the U.S. Atlanta ranked 9th for TB cases.
3. Out of all states Georgia ranked 9th with TB cases.
4. Almost 1.8 million people died from TB in 2008.
5. TB is the number one killer of people living with HIV/AIDS.

By the time we got there, there was a good sized crowd, approximately 1500 people were participating today. We registered, picked up our t-shirts and walked around for a little bit. They had free food and coffee, a band playing good music, clowns, magicians, and face-painters. The walk started at 930am after some information from the sponsors, and after a group warm-up session. We walked two miles. The weather was perfect for walking! There were a lot of teens and kids walking too which was pretty cool. Overall, a great crowd with a lot of energy!

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